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Call center January 2015

Can you tell us about the services you offer to your customers?

We provide service to fuel stations and industrial facilities in many areas, the most important of which is the Fuel Pumps, Car Washing Machines, Tank Automation Systems, Line Leak Detector Systems, Tank Wall Control Systems, Gas Detector Systems, Air Water Clocks and other Mechanical and Electronic systems. After the studies, we provide technical support and service covering these projects.

In Which Locations Do You Offer Service in Our Country?

Although our headquarters is in Istanbul, we have 34 Authorized Services throughout the country, our Authorized Regional Services are made up of experts in the sector, and they aim to intervene in the Stations in a timely manner in order to find solutions to the fault records opened from the Tora Support Line in accordance with the HSSE rules. We have a wide range of networks that can provide service to all Stations where our products and systems are installed.

At the same time, we provide service with our Engineers and Technicians working in the Engineering units of our company, and our expert field teams.

How Do Your Customers Contact You For Service Requests?

For more than 5 years, Tora Petrol has been providing technical support services to its customers with the assurance of 24/7 through the Call Center, 80% of the incoming service requests are met by our Customer Service Representatives working in our Call Center from the Support Line 0850 222 87 22, and the other 20% of the electronic fault notifications received from the Main Distribution Companies to our Call Center includes.

Can You Evaluate the Functioning Structure of Your Call Center More Broadly?

As in all units of our company, the Microsoft Navision program is used in our Call Center, and since the relevant program is a resource planning program and allows common use, we can record incoming calls more easily and more comprehensively. Our Customer Service Representatives enter all incoming calls to the support line into this program and record the incoming fault notifications, so that we can analyze the records related to certain periods and evaluate performance and monitoring within ourselves.

After the incoming fault notification is recorded in the Service management window in the relevant program, our Customer Service Representatives try to solve the incoming notification by phone in the first place if it is a malfunction, if it is a problem that needs to be solved by directing the service, they transfer it to the service unit in the relevant location.

Thanks to the technological software we use, we can obtain many data such as the notification date of fault requests, the time periods in which the services provided to the stations take place, and the analysis of other fault records of the station. Our biggest goal here is to provide instant and precise answers to the questions that our customers may ask about the services provided to us.

With the switchboard system we use in our support line, all calls are automatically recorded, our customers can request faults, as well as follow up the fault records they have opened through the switchboard, they can reach our Customer Relations Officers within the Call Center via this line and convey their Opinions, Suggestions and Complaints.

It is necessary to create a good infrastructure in Technical Support Services in order to analyze the malfunctions or requests from the customers well and to reach the result, so our Customer Service Representatives working in our call center are mostly selected from the personnel who have worked in field applications within Tora Petrol and have a good command of field applications. In the first place, HSE training is given to the personnel who start directly, and then field applications training is given at certain periods.

In addition to inbound (calls from the customer) services, there are options such as order, outbound (outbound from the call center) and product services in our call center.

Our Customer Service Representatives in the call center will always be determined to implement the following 4 important items.

1-Value the customer 2-Focus 3-Produce quick solutions 4-Empathize

Can You Tell Us About The Processes Of Service Requests From Your Customers?

At Tora Petrol, all Service units work integrated into the Call Center. Our aim is for our customers to receive service with the right team (according to the fault content) and at the right time.

Upon the service request received by our call center, our Customer Service Representatives check the vehicle tracking system and send the Job Request form electronically to the nearest unit in the relevant location, and the relevant unit evaluates the Job request form in the Tora Petrol E-service environment and makes the service planning, then they provide service to the station in the minimum time, after the service, the Job request form is closed in the e-service environment and then our Customer Relations Officers, They call the Station related to the work done and do a Satisfaction analysis.

What are the advantages you offer to the stations in your shuttle services?

As Tora Petrol, we think that our products and systems at the stations are at a high level in terms of quality, so the services provided should be in this class, our most important advantage is that our technical teams are trained and have high technical skills, and in most of the surveys we conduct with our customers, we are happy that our personnel state that they are competent and knowledgeable about the subject.

In addition, as soon as a malfunction occurs in many stations, solutions are produced for malfunctions in the station without wasting time with e-notifications from the service portals of the main distribution companies, where we can see all kinds of needed information about the station.

Finally, we can provide remote access to many stations where our Tank Control devices are installed, so we can instantly analyze the malfunctions that occur and take actions without adversely affecting the operational process of the station.

What is the position of Tora Petrol in terms of service services according to you?

In our opinion, Service quality is the degree to which Service Services reach the desired purpose and we aim to continuously improve the ability of the employee as a service potential ilgilidir.Biz service potential, service process or service result, and we aim to reduce our service speeds to a minimum time as service process performance. In this direction, we think that we are in a good position in the sector because we are constantly improving ourselves and acting with innovative thoughts.

Can We Learn Your Perspective on Your Services?

Our customers want to use the products and systems they have purchased without any problems and frequent malfunctions, but when they have problems, they want a relevant interlocutor who can take quick actions and produce easy solutions, for this purpose, we provide a Technical Support Line that they can easily reach us and a Service network service connected to this center 24/7.

Can you tell us about the processes of returning to complaints about your services?

Complaints received by our Call Center are forwarded to the Customer Relations unit.We examine the complaints according to the Customer Complaints Evaluation Standards ISO10002 we have. Customer relations meets with our customers to get the details of their complaints and give them a date to get back to them. During this period, the issue is evaluated with the participation of the relevant units within our company. At the end of this evaluation, the customer is called and informed whether the customer complaint is accepted or not. If it is a customer complaint accepted by TORA; All actions are taken to eliminate the problem and this whole process is recorded.