28.08.2023 İstanbul

TORA shook hands with its Jordanian Petrol Company, JoPetrol, for the storage tank cleaning operation.

Tora has signed an important cooperation agreement with Jo Petrol, one of the leading companies in the Jordanian energy sector, on tank cleaning at fuel stations. Within the scope of the agreement, senior executives of Jo Petrol came to Turkey and had intense talks with Tora for about 2 days.

Tora Board Member Mr. Ertum Tüfekçi said, “This cooperation with Jordan-based Jo Petrol is extremely important for the efficiency and safety of the fuel stations. Tank cleaning is an integral part of our operational processes and requires great responsibility considering these processes. This agreement we have made will allow us to set new standards in the sector by combining our expertise in the field,”.

According to the details of the agreement, Tora’s engineers expert of fuel stations and Jo Petrol’s experienced staff will ensure the regular and effective cleaning of the gas stations’ storage tanks. In this way, it aims to carry out station operations more smoothly and ensure customer satisfaction.

Jo Petrol’s senior executives expressed their satisfaction with the Turkish hospitality and cooperation environment. They expressed their belief that this visit will create new opportunities to further strengthen their cooperation and share best practices in the energy sector. It was also emphasized that cooperation would open the door to potential future projects.