About us

What you want to know about the Tora.

Established in Istanbul in 1998, Tora Petrol Ürünleri Mühendislik Elektrik ve Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. provides engineering, consultancy and Ar-Ge services to meet the operating, equipment and technical safety needs of the electric vehicle charging, fuel, LPG, CNG industry. It is an organization that produces professional solutions on demand (tailor model), as well as project design, implementation, periodical and preventive maintenance, machinery equipment production and ready-made product sales.

TORA A.Ş. The founders and senior management consists of engineers who have served in the fuel sector for many years, including petroleum exploration, and is the company that employs the most expert engineers in the sector.

Being the pioneer of firsts, TORA designed the preventive maintenance program in the fuel oil service sector, started its first application and brought this important service to the sector. Simultaneously with the preventive maintenance program, the “remote risk environment monitoring” project, which is the first in the world, has been successfully continuing in our country for more than ten years.

TORA has been granted the authority to do business in European countries by being included in the “European Contractors” list of the world’s leading companies, of which it is a representative and solution partner.

TORA continues to be the exclusive representative of many brands, each of which is the world leader in their fields, in Turkey and nearby geographical regions.

TORA provides fuel station infrastructure, construction, installation, pump, submersible, LED lighting, air-water clock, mechanical, dispenser, electrical and fuel automation processes, as well as engineering services for oil storage/distribution companies and industrial facilities that have fuel storage facilities. It also provides project-consulting services, necessary equipment supply, installation/installation services.

It is the market leader in the supply, installation and service of the latest generation brushed/brushless automatic car wash systems and tunnel type washing units.

In addition to its R&D studies and technological applications on alternative and renewable environmentally friendly energies, TORA constantly researches and invests in the production of equipment used in this field. Within the scope of EN-VER-Energy Efficiency-, by adding LED systems to R&D studies in the field of light / lighting engineering, it gives a new perspective and momentum in the light of fuel stations in economic and visual terms, while the country takes the lead in energy efficiency and measures to reduce energy consumption.

TORA carries out preventive periodic maintenance and inspection works, including tank cleaning, electrical installation and controlled grounding measurements, field and infrastructure control works of fuel stations, as well as gas detector system installation and calibration works.

TORA provides the above-mentioned services and continues its activities with its 135 personnel and37 regional services spread throughout the country in its Istanbul Headquarters, which includes approximately 3000 m2 closed and 4000 m2 open area, which also includes social and sports facilities.