29.07.15 Istanbul

Filling Application Using Perlite in Gas Station Basements

Tora Petrol, which closely follows technology and sectoral innovations, continues to produce innovative and effective solutions for making the basements of gas stations safe.

As it is known, according to TS-12820 standards, there should be no basement in gas stations built after 2006. However, there are existing basements in the stations built in previous years, and these basements pose great risks in case of accumulation of fuel oil and fuel vapor. In recent years, various measures and methods have been developed to make basements safer, and these solutions are still in use.

One of the innovative solutions offered by Tora Petrol is to fill existing basements using “Perlite” and make them safer. It is possible to briefly summarize the advantages and method of this solution as follows.

First; All electrical equipment (electrical panel, generator, non-ex-proof lighting, etc.) in the basement floor are safely disassembled and isolated from the source of electrical connections by taking the necessary safety measures (LEL measurement, environmental security, using appropriate K.K.E, etc.) before the work by examining the basement floor. Then all the windows, doors, vents, etc., which are located in the basement and open to the outside. It is dismantled and bricked. You can do this by using the sink in the basement, etc. The materials are dismantled and the pipe joints are blinded. Therefore, the basement floor is insulated against fuel leakage or vapor that may come from outside.

The walls in the room to be filled are plastered with perlite mortar to a certain thickness. Perlite material is laid on the basement floor so that there are no gaps in the bottom. The perlite bags shipped to the site are stacked on top of each other as if forming a wall in the basement. The gaps that may remain between the bags are plastered with special perlite mortar. This process is repeated until the entire basement is filled, and finally, the basement entrance is plastered with perlite mortar and then covered with concrete.

Therefore, as a result of this solution, thanks to the natural structure of perlite;

  • Thanks to the porous structure of perlite, it absorbs gases that can reach the environment and prevents it from circulating freely.
  • Thanks to its fire resistance, the dispersion of the flame is prevented.
  • Waterproofing is provided.
  • No additional load is placed on the building.
  • There is no harm to the environment and there is no need for renewal.

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