09.11.2017 Istanbul

Fuel Dispenser Revision

Fuel Dispensers and Pumps, which are an integral part of fuel stations and an important investment item, wear out depending on the working conditions and the need for renewal/revision arises.

Revision; It is the renewal of the parts that have been worn out by working and do not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications, and making them ready for reassembly.

Fuel Dispenser Revision

Revision process;

  • Examination of stamp and inspection documents according to serial number (revision of products with penalties is not made)
  • Disassembly of all electronic and mechanical components
  • Washing and cleaning the entire chassis and then completely disassembling and disassembling
  • Electrostatic oven painting by renewing or repairing the damaged chassis and coating parts
  • Calibrating the o-rings and seals of the meters by changing them, making them ready for installation.
  • Assembling all components by reassembling the finished outer sheet
  • Renewal of preset keypads and filters
  • Renewal and installation of hoses in accordance with EN1360 standard, gun in accordance with EN13012 standard and breakaways in accordance with EN13617-2 standard
  • Checking all functions of the products according to the manufacturer’s directives, making the faulty and inappropriate ones appropriate
  • Scale checks of each gun and calibration of non-conforming ones
  • Renewal of all seals according to the seal map
  • Completion of labels and logos according to the main distribution enterprise
  • By depositing the Inspection and Stamp fee according to the number of pistols, applying for official sealing and completing the stamping
  • It covers the stages of packaging and making it ready for shipment.

In this context, since the end of 2010, 930 Dispensers and Pumps (approximately 6300 Guns) have been revised in accordance with Gilbarco Veeder Root standards and their reinstallation at the stations has been completed.

Hasan Delihasan
Dispenser and Workshops Manager