27.02.2015 Istanbul

Station owners prefer ZVA fuel guns

On behalf of ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH &Co.KG one of the world’s leading aircraft supply hose manufacturers, which sells filling-discharging hoses and fittings of petro-chemical and other industrial liquids, Micheal Gude, Assistant Sales Manager, visited our company.

With the advantage of its more than 10-year service life, ergonomic design, durability and modular structure, ZVA fuel guns have also been preferred in fuel stations in our country, and as a result, our company has achieved sales above the targets in 2014. A meeting was held with Michael Gude, who expressed his satisfaction with this situation, on the targets for 2015. The importance of Elaflex z joints, which have proven themselves in sealing, was emphasized. Reusable breakaway systems were overcome.

In addition, the superior properties of EN 1360 certified hoses produced by Elaflex in electrical conductivity were explained.

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