10.11.2014 Ankara

The most accurate way to wash a car

Fulpet POAS Ankara,

As a developing society, our curiosity and investments in technology are increasing.

In line with this rising trend, we, as Tora Petrol, continue to offer you advanced technology products.

WASHTEC (GERMANY), which is accepted as the authority in the world on car washing machines and is the world’s first car washing machine manufacturer, continues to bring its products to its customers with the assurance of Tora Petrol.

Today, we would like to introduce you to a new generation car wash plant.

Apart from the usual systems, vehicles move through a special moving belt in this facility.

First of all, when the customer arrives at the facility, he chooses one of the alternative washing programs offered to him, the facility representative directs the customer to place the vehicle on the moving walk, and your washing journey begins!

Moreover, you do not need to get out of your vehicle to do these operations. Washing operations continue while you sit in your vehicle. You have an urgent job, do you need to leave immediately, don’t worry, it is prepared with a special code for your washing receipt, it is enough to show this receipt the next time you come. Our washing facility will recognize you immediately. And your washing process will be done.

A total of 7 stations pass through the car wash journey and your journey takes about 3 minutes.
Keep in mind that in a standard hand washing facility, these processes take 45 minutes under the best conditions.

What’s going on in 3 minutes? See how we wash the car.

First of all, the washer gives your vehicle a pre-wash, meanwhile your vehicle continues to walk on the belt, you don’t have to do anything. At the first station, the height and length of your vehicle are measured. By the way, 2. At the station, the foaming process begins from the front of your vehicle. This
In between, you will have traveled about 6 meters. We only use 10 liters of clean water.

While the foaming process is in progress At the 3rd station, two 2.5-meter-long horizontal brushes approach your vehicle to wash your vehicle wheels and door bottoms from both sides and your vehicle continues to be washed with a very special cleaning chemical. By the way 4. Your station vehicle has already washed its underside. Here we spend 153 litres of recycled and filtered water, we do not use municipal water

Next is 5. There is a station, this station is a high-pressure top and side washing station, with a reclaimed and filtered water, your vehicle is removed from the foams without using any mains water. Here we use about 160 liters of water. But don’t worry, only 10 liters of clean water have been spent so far.

Now it’s time for 6. There is a station, this place is a lot of fun for children, first it snowed in the form of foam, then we saw a severe storm, now there are giant cylindrical brushes.

Our brushes are made of a really special material and contain a technology that does not harm your vehicle. Softecs brushes are a patented product that has been selected as the best car washer in Europe.

4 side brushes and 1 top brush start to rotate to wash your car. Thanks to a very precise measurement, the exterior of your vehicle is clean all around with these special brushes and a special shampoo.We spent 124 liters of water, but we did not spend mains water from recycling water.

And 7. The station is a special polishing station, where we do pre-polishing preparation with 29 liters of clean water.

  1. The station is a special polishing station, where your vehicle will be out shortly, where 34 liters of clean water and a special polish that protects your vehicle from external influences are applied by means of sprinklers.

After about 3 meters, very powerful fans are activated and the water on your vehicle is shifted from both the top and side and shows the polish effect, providing a sparkling appearance like the first day.

It’s not over yet 9. You can leave the facility by starting your vehicle with the station’s special textile products.

We told you about our facility at ANKARA FULPET OMVPOAŞ station, stop by when you have time, on Dikmen Street, 700 vehicles are washed daily, our customers are especially satisfied with an excellent cleaning and fast service.

This New Year’s Eve 2. Our facility opens in Antalya, followed by Izmir, Bursa and Istanbul.

See you again next time with our other innovations