Founded in Istanbul in 1998, TORA has grown rapidly since its establishment and continues its activities in many fields today.

Our company provides engineering, consultancy and R&D services to meet the operation, equipment and technical safety needs of the Fuel, LPG, CNG sector.
Periodic maintenance and tank cleaning of fuel stations and industrial facilities are carried out by our teams consisting of competent personnel who are specialized in their work and have a long experience in the sector.
Corrosion caused by long-term use of fuel storage tanks, the formation of microorganisms in the filled product, the entry of foreign substances other than fuel oil into the tank during filling from the tanker to the tank or from the breathers cause contamination of the tanks.
The dirty fuel oil in these tanks damages both the equipment in the submersible pump and dispenser on the tank and the engine equipment of the vehicles coming to the stations. At the same time, it reduces the service life of the tanks.
Tora Maintenance Department has been continuing the “Tank Cleaning Process” in all fuel stations and many industrial facilities in Turkey with our expert teams since the day it was founded, based on customer satisfaction. As Tora Petrol Maintenance Department, an average of 15,000 fuel storage tanks are cleaned annually throughout Turkey.
With the improvements made, the separation rate in fuel storage tanks has been increased to 95% in gasoline and 93% in diesel.
With the efforts of its engineers and technicians, Tora Maintenance Department certifies that the equipment used during the tank cleaning process works reliably in order to provide better service to its customers and continuously improves these equipment.
With these developments, significant reductions have been observed in the amount of waste from fuel storage tanks over the years. With the reduction in the amount of waste, it is aimed to minimize the waste-related damages and hazards mentioned before. The separated wastes are disposed of in accordance with the regulation in waste disposal facilities by the institutions authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization through waste storage barrels. In this way, the wastes from the fuel storage tanks are prevented from harming the environment and living things.
The developments made by Tora in the tank cleaning process not only ensure customer satisfaction, but also contribute to the country’s economy.