Spanning three centuries, Morrison Bros. Co. is among North America’s oldest manufacturing firms west of the Mississippi River. Established in 1855 and among the first 20th century producers of equipment for the oil industry, the Morrison trademark for quality products and service became well established. Now, early in the 21st century, our mission is to strengthen this tradition for the exclusive benefit of our distributors and those we serve in the energy business.
PRODUCT LINE… Morrison products are used primarily in the marketing segment of the petroleum industry, “downstream” from refining operations. Petroleum marketing systems include bulk terminal storage and handling, transportation, motor fueling, and related infrastructure which bring energy to the consumer. Morrison components and hardware are system-integrated and engineered for optimizing operation and providing conformance with fire safety and environmental requirements.
PRODUCT SAFETY… Morrison products are designed and manufactured to engineering standards which include safety protocols. Many Morrison products and system components are designed and built to meet certain life safety standards and codes. All of our products are designed and built to function as intended within a range of proper use. Sufficient knowledge, experience, and application thereof by those who specify, install, and operate this equipment is required to ensure proper use and performance. Improper use of Morrison equipment can lead to property damage, injury, and death.
MANUFACTURING… Morrison has a full range of manufacturing capabilities. From casting metal to finished product or assembly, a large percentage of our product line is completely manufactured in our facilities. This approach allows for better control of quality, schedule, and process knowledge resulting in greater long term value for Morrison distributors, suppliers, and employees.
TORA is an authorized distributor of Morrison Bros. Co in Turkey.
TORA provides Morrison Bros. Co caps, adaptors, valves,fittings, vents and many more products in Turkey.
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