07.07.2015 Istanbul

80 years of experience in Air Water Unit PCL

One of the most important services provided to customers at fuel stations, truck garages, fleet maintenance stations and wherever there are vehicles is the air water meter application. 75% of the customers who stop by the station to refuel use the air water clock. In this way, gas station customers reliably correct the tire pressures of their vehicles. The PCL brand air water watches we distribute are the product of more than 70 years of experience. For more than 10 years, it has supplied over 5,000 air water clocks to all fuel oil main distribution companies. Due to its ease of use, durability and quality, gas stations prefer PCL brand air water clock. PCL air water clocks, which are the longest-lasting air water clocks, are constantly calibrated, thus ensuring the road safety of the customers. It has been serving for years without any problems with the mechanical sensors used.

Some of the features of PCL are:

– Long-life ceramic sensor
– Chassis in the desired corporate color
– Low Voltage Warning System
– Illuminated LCD Display
– Low pressure Warning System
– BAR & PSI Indicator

  • Fully Deflated Tire Function
  • – Metal Button
    · – Automatic Return to Initial Value
    · – Air Filter
    · – Ability to remove excess air from the tire
    · – Audible and Visual End of Filling Warning
    · – Auto Start

TR09 narrow case, TR06 model wide case, portable type air water clock, which is preferred apart from classic models, is a product that can prevent accumulations in front of the HSS unit, especially in small stations, and provides customer satisfaction. While the vehicle is fueled at the pump, the tire pressures can be checked quickly at the same time.

As Tora, we are constantly improving ourselves in order to maintain our customer satisfaction. Finally, an LED-illuminated pressure chart has been added to our air water clocks. In this way, we offered users the opportunity to read the pressure chart in dark areas.

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