14.11.2015 Samsun

Responding to a Vehicle Fire at the Station

A fire broke out in a vehicle within the boundaries of a gas station in Samsun’s Terme District. The incident took place on 14.11.2015 at about 10.00 a.m. Suddenly, an electrical arc of smoke was seen coming out of the front hood of the vehicle. Along with the smoke, it was noticed that the vehicle was on fire. The owner of the vehicle left the vehicle in a panic. Meanwhile, the TORA maintenance team, which was at the station for electrical maintenance operations, noticed the incident immediately. In the initial determinations, it was determined that the incident originated from the electrical connections in the hood of the vehicle.

Tora Maintenance team consists of 3 people: Electrical Engineer, Electrical Technician and Mechanical technician. Noticing the incident, the team immediately analyzed the situation in an organized and controlled manner. The nearest Dispenser Pump to the vehicle is 30mt. It is located at a distance. He took into account the possible danger of fuel oil in the filling and forecourt area. By pressing the fuel and LPG Emergency Stop buttons, they ensured that the electricity in the station was cut off and they took the fire under control by emptying the fire extinguishers next to them. The other team member turned off the vehicle’s ignition. With the hood open, checks continued until they were sure the fire was extinguished. LPG and fuel oil checks were made on the front hood of the vehicle and LEL Measurements were made with a Portable Gas Detector. With the ignition turned off, the vehicle was pushed to the EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY POINT in the exit area of the station. After the incident, the fire brigade and police teams were immediately informed, and then the fire brigade teams came to the scene and made the necessary investigations.

Team chief Ahmet İlker Sin, electrician Emrah Kaplan, and mechanical technician Mehmet Göçmen shared their first impressions of the incident. They showed the necessary composure and secured the incident without causing panic. While sharing their experiences, the experienced team states that this cold-blooded application consists of the framework of theoretical and practical training. They periodically mentioned the benefits of HSE trainings, Emergency trainings, First Aid and Fire Trainings every year. The importance of the Emergency Plan Sketch created before the work at the station was once again emphasized. In the sketch, the working area, station area, emergency stop button, location of fire extinguishers, emergency assembly points are drawn. In this way, equipment and facility locations for immediate response in emergencies raise awareness in a memorable way. The intervention of the Tora Oil Team in the incident resulted in no loss of life during the fire formation phase.

We congratulate our team for their due diligence. Remember, S.E.Ç is awareness.