29.11.2019 Istanbul

The Cleanest Vehicles Are at Stations with Washtec

Today, we feel the technological development and increase in the number of car washing machines, which have become a necessity in gas stations and industrial facilities, more and more every day. Considering the profit margins and increasing costs in the fuel sector, car washes make a great contribution to businesses in terms of profitability. It also has a direct impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction. The representation of the world’s leading Washtec washing machines with superior German technology in Turkey is carried out by TORA. TORA responds to the changing needs of its customers with Washtec products, which produce the world’s first brush washing machine and lead the sector with its innovative perspective.

Today, vehicles are washed safely and cleanly at many fuel stations throughout Turkey under the cooperation and guarantee of Tora-Washtec. When choosing Washtec’s brushed or brushless washing machines, the right product selection is made by considering details such as potential washing areas at gas stations and customer profile.

Tora continues to support its customers in developing new business models with its high-tech products and service quality. With the assurance of Tora-Washtec, the number of car washes, which has exceeded 6 million, continues to increase day by day without sacrificing its quality.