30.10.2019 Istanbul

TORA Continues Remote Monitoring

TORA has added PGDs to its long-standing R&D activities in order to monitor all its activities throughout Turkey from a single point in terms of both HSE and quality. For many years, TORA has been controlling its work in hazardous areas where flammable and combustible materials are present by using PGD. Many controls such as alarm frequencies, usage times, calibration follow-ups, fault tracking, charging capacities of PGDs in use in the field could only be provided by connecting gas detectors to a computer in the field. This made it difficult to quickly identify potential opportunities for improvement.

An important step has been taken in this regard with the newly procured PGDs with wireless communication technology. Thanks to the ability of these new generation PGDs to communicate with mobile phones via bluetooth and the wi-fi feature of mobile phones, all necessary parameters can be monitored from a web interface.

As a result, thanks to the web interface, the alarms generated by all PGDs used in the field have started to be monitored simultaneously and collectively from the office via mobile phone and web. At the same time, thanks to the location notification (GPS) feature of mobile phones, it has been ensured that the locations of the places where the teams use their PGDs can be monitored instantly.

As a first implementation, TORA Maintenance teams were selected as a pilot project. After the work of the maintenance teams, the necessary improvements will be made and all TORA activities will be ensured to work with these new generation PGDs with wireless communication feature.

Currently, it is planned to manage the tracking on the web interface provided by the manufacturer through the TORA I-van (TORA Smart Vehicle) platform in order to make it healthier. In this way, automatic alerts and reports can be quickly developed in line with TORA and customer demands. Thanks to the system, which will also work integrated with the TORA ERP system, simultaneous controls can be made with the opening of a work order at the station.

Note: It is recommended to calibrate critical gas detectors at short time intervals such as 6 months.