24 Feb 2015 Istanbul

Tora Oil Assembly Process

TORA Petrol, which has been operating as a product and service provider in the fuel sector since 1998, provides assembly-service-maintenance services respectively during the after-sales operation process. In line with customer demands, business plans for the station/facility to be worked on within the framework of service conditions are prepared. The equipment and field teams required to carry out the work in the plan approved by the customer are determined by taking into account their competence to do the work.

The period during which the materials shipped to the site are installed and commissioned/put into operation by the field teams is known as the “assembly process”. Any changes in all field applications in this process are made with the permission of the relevant project manager. All assembly applications in the field are photographed step by step and archived together with the relevant documents. These recorded documents are stored in hard copy and electronic form in resource management so that they can be accessed by the relevant project managers at all times. Whether the assembly applications are carried out correctly or not is checked and recorded at intervals to be determined by the project managers.

Field assembly teams prepare customer specifications, forms, HSE files, etc. It consists of competent and experienced technicians who are adequately equipped with outsourced documents. Technicians receive technical safety, first aid, fire and related branch trainings during the traditional TORA Petrol HSE week. At the end of all these trainings, technicians who are successful in the performance evaluations are certified.

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