01.07.2015 Istanbul

Tora Oil Drill News

It is very important to do the drills until you reflex what needs to be done during earthquakes and fires. It is necessary to conduct earthquake drills regularly at home, at work, at school, to evaluate what is done and how it is done after the drill, to reduce possible damages when earthquakes and fires occur. ALWAYS REMEMBER!

The scenario of the exercise, which was created by the Tora petroleum quality and HSE department, was in the form of an earthquake and a fire that could occur as a result of the earthquake. Our main goal is to emphasize the importance of emergency emergency measures, to be prepared in case such disasters occur, and to improve our measures that need to be developed… Our exercise scenario is that the personnel working in certain places within the facility; It was started with the shout “An earthquake is happening”. The reporting process, which lasted about 15-20 seconds, was carried out by shouting “The earthquake has passed, is anyone injured?” In the meantime, the alarm system was activated by giving smoke to our gas detector in the building.

During the earthquake and fire drill, the quality and select department said that the staff in the office were obliged to protect themselves by going under the table or to squat next to a solid object that would not topple over, and to stay in place until the earthquake was over. During the fire, the alarm given by our smoke detectors was checked. According to the control panel of the alarm, it was aimed to detect in which area the fire broke out and intervene quickly. All of our personnel have mastered issues such as having the ability to perform the extinguishing process by using all available extinguishing materials and devices in a possible fire, learning how to act in a smoky environment, and understanding the task they will do in the fire team correctly.

The performances of our emergency teams (first aid, fire, protection, rescue) during the earthquake were evaluated. Our personnel, who got worse from smoke after the fire, were intervened by our first aid teams. He was allowed to breathe with an oxygen therapy set. The fire was quickly intervened and brought under control with a fire hose system and fire extinguishers.

Our rescue teams intervened in the evacuation of people and our valuable documents. Fire brigade and ambulance crews were contacted. Thus, a successful exercise was carried out.

Quality and safety are also at the forefront of our services and products. For this reason, all of our personnel have technical and professional qualification training, our products have quality certificates, and we represent brands that have proven their quality all over the world, such as Gilbarco fuel pump, Fibrelite manhole covers, WashTec automatic car wash machines, UPP fuel infrastructure equipment.