17.08.2015 Istanbul

TORA Signature on Machine-to-Machine Communication

Many scenarios have been written about the future so far. In 1999, spacecraft, as we call them Eagles, provided absolute communication with Moon Base Alpha, which appeared at the end of the 1970s. Although not all scenarios have become reality, it is clear that our lives have become more practical, safe and controllable with “smart” machines and developing internet infrastructure today. According to Serkan İKTÜ, Business Development Manager of TORA PETROL, with the widespread communication between machines, both profitability will increase in the sector and wasted workforce will be prevented.

TORA PETROL, which is the representative of the leading brands of the fuel industry such as Gilbarco fuel pumps, ZVA fuel guns, UPP fuel installation materials, WashTec automatic car wash machines, and provides many services such as line testing, periodic maintenance, tank cleaning to fuel stations, and is always the pioneer of innovations in the sector, has designed a new device to control all the equipment in your station and increase your profitability: TORAsist

The hardware and software design of this device, which provides the infrastructure for remote monitoring and control of equipment, was made by TORA PETROL engineers.

Thanks to TORAsist, which has started to be used in the applications of Washtec, the world leader in car washing machines, in Turkey carried out by TORA PETROL, many parameters such as washing numbers, the status of the machine, and the malfunctions that occur and are likely to occur are monitored by the TORA PETROL Support Center, which provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without going to the station. Periodic reports are also made automatically according to customer demands.

Informing us about the communication between machines, Serkan İktü also gave us information about the gains of the system.

Machine-to-Machine Communication is the name given to a technology that enables devices to be monitored, managed and communicate with each other via the internet. TORAsist also connects to devices with a flexible communication protocol and provides communication with devices. It works smoothly with internet options such as ADSL, wireless, GPRS at the station. The tunnel type washing machine in Ankara Fulpet Petrol, where the number of daily car washes exceeds 1000, is serviced within minutes via camera and TORAsist. Thus, both the system works uninterruptedly and service costs are reduced by 45%.

Thanks to remote access, service costs are also minimized.

For customers who benefit from this service, the service response time consists of minutes, and operating costs are reduced because there is no service to the station. From a general point of view, our national wealth is protected because there is no fuel, labor or time lost in traffic.

Thanks to the web interface, customers can access all their equipment at the station from anywhere in the world.

The service is not limited to the service side. Users can easily access all their equipment at the gas station from anywhere in the world with their mobile phones, tablets and computers, and they can easily get their reports with a click.

Your investments are under control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TORA Call Center, which consists of employees with field experience and serves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week | With its renewed technological infrastructure 2228722 0850, it automatically receives alarms from devices and intervenes in malfunctions with more than 30 service points spread all over Turkey, primarily in remote intervention.