21.02.2015 Istanbul,

Torah Traditional HSE Week took place

Traditional HSE Week Activities Held

Today, it is necessary to carry out periodic studies spanning many years in order to develop HSE awareness and awareness. Positive opinions of the participants were also received in this direction. We believe that these works will always be beneficial for society in the long run, as they are investments not only for the Torah but also for people.

Periodic Health Screenings

Within the scope of the health screenings, lung x-rays were taken and complete blood counts were performed for all field and center personnel. Field teams in the high-risk group and in contact with fuel oil were also tested for lead in blood, phenol, TCA (Trichloric acid) and pulmonary function. Hearing tests were carried out on at-risk office and field teams, with priority given to field teams exposed to noise. As a result of the scans and the workplace physician examination, no discomfort or disease was found.

Fire Trainings

Fire trainings were also given theoretically and practically by HASSA company, as every year. As a result of the trainings given by trainer Ayhan Sağ, he participated in one-on-one practical fire extinguishing training for all personnel. Practical trainings took place by evacuating the parking lot in front of the Torah center.

Occupational Health and Safety Trainings

The trainings were carried out by 5 occupational health and safety experts within the Quality & HSE department. The trainings were divided into two parts. In the trainings given in the first place, accidents, unsafe situations and incidents in the sector, in the world and in Turkey were examined. In the second stage, customer HSE conditions and work permit forms, general hazards and risk assessment, use and importance of portable gas detectors, emergencies and intervention methods, deficiencies identified in our field inspections and evaluations for 2014 were explained.

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