16.12.2014 Istanbul,

Use your preference for Washtec in car washes

Water deserves the utmost respect, and we know we all appreciate that. Because this resource is not infinite and unlimited.

For this reason, we offer you new models as the ultimate guide in the car wash business, if you choose them, everyone will say with peace of mind that “DOING THE RIGHT THING”

New generation washing systems have an important role not only in saving water, but also in using it correctly.

You can do the same job by using 80% less water than you would in the traditional car washes you currently use.

In this way, we use water in the right way and ensure that your water bills are reduced at this rate.

Recently, some realizations stand out, the drought has left a really worrying impression on people. Therefore, we can’t help but ask, isn’t it time for us to use this non-unlimited resource in a more appropriate way?

TORA has always provided you with the best and most accurate engineering service. And it will continue to do so.

Car washing is now a new business model for stations, and we share this experience in our country with WASHTEC GERMANY, which has 50 years of experience and made the world’s first car wash machine.

Contact us and let’s take our first step together for both the environment and a good business

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