Vacuum Acoustic Tank Tightness Test

  • With our certified vacuum acoustic tank tightness test, all your underground fuel storage tanks’ leak detection and tightness tests are done.
  • All test process are recorded, reports are created by software system. Reports are produced with TS EN ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation certification.
  • With our vacuum acoustic tank tightness test method, the TS 12820 T5 requirements of tightness test are sustained.
  • The method used is capable and suitable to detect at least 0.38 l/h fuel leakages at underground fuel storage tanks.


TORA Responsibilities

  1. TORA is responsible to sustain all required safety equipment and precautions during the inspection activity as mentioned by local laws and regulations.
  2. TORA accepts and commits that TORA would not share any commercial and/or technical information which becomes available during the inspection activities with the third parties or institutions without the written approval of the customer under any circumstances due to the confidentially principle. If those information is shared with third parties due to the local laws and regulations, customer is informed to the extend and scope mentioned by the local laws and regulations.

TORA Rights and Authorities

  1. TORA has right to withdrawn, re-issue or cancel those issued reports. In any case, TORA informs the customer by email and verbally.
  2. Cancelled reports are announced at the web site.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Customer is responsible to give true and certain information about the inspection activity.
  2. Customer is considered to be accepted the “TORA and Customer Responsibilities, Rights and Authorities” issued at TORA website by signing the order form.
  3. Customer is responsible to fulfil required preparations as mentioned at “Preparation That Should Be Done Before The Inspection” issued at TORA website. Customer considered to be accepted to pay all necessary cost due to not fulfill those preparations and causing the cancellation of inspection.
  4. Customer is responsible to give back the original reports if requested by TORA as an inspection agency.
  5. Customer is responsible to dispose of the copies (if there is so) of the withdrawn and cancelled reports and do not use them.

Customer Rights and Authorities

  1. Customer has right to demand any data or document related with the inspection.
  2. Customer has right to demand according to Complaints and Appeal procedure related with the inspection.
  3. Customer has right to be informed about the issued, withdrawn and cancelled reports. Customer has right to claim repayment for cancelled reports if there is no his/her fault about the cancellation.
  4. Customer has right to be informed about preparation that should be done by himself or herself before the inspection any time.
  5. Customer has right to be informed as mention by the local laws and regulations incase inspection activity information has be shared to the third parties as required by the local laws and regulations.


Customer is responsible to make below mentioned necessary preparations before the vacuum acoustic tank tightness test:

  1. Tank site area should be empty. Manhole cover should be suitable to open.
  2. There should not be any water, fuel, mud, or etc. inside the manhole that can prevent working inside the manhole.
  3. The inspected tanks and other connected manifolded tanks are stopped for sale during the test.
  4. Automation system prob can be removed if necessary.
  5. Electrical panel should be accessible in order to stop the necessary electrical equipment during the inspection.


You can send your complains and appeals via below mentioned channels. Call Center number can be found at the main page of TORA website. The complains and appeals are handled according to the below work flow.

The below mentioned reports are cancelled.