Zero Waste


19.02.2020 According to the Waste Management Regulation of Istanbul, the waste declaration period for 2019 expires at the end of March.

Are Our Gas Stations Ready for Earthquakes?


31.01.2020 Istanbul, With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we ask our business stakeholders as an institution that produces "the most protective", "the most prepared for hazards", "the most advanced" and "the most reliable" solutions, "Are Our Stations Ready for Earthquakes?"

Oil Fuel Separator Separators


20.12.2019 Istanbul, Thanks to oil/fuel separators, fuels can be collected separately and controlled without being discharged into the receiving environment or channels.

Spill Kits


19.11.2019 Istanbul, Spill Kits should be determined with monthly checks.

TORA Continues Remote Monitoring


30.10.2019 Istanbul, We have added an innovation to the remote monitoring of all field activities with portable gas detectors (PGD) with wireless communication technology.

Tora Successfully Passes Greenbanding Audit Once Again


09.07.2019 Istanbul, In 2019, TORA came out of the Greenbanding audits in the field of HSSE, which Shell has been carrying out since 2013, increasing its performance with the improvements it has made and the practices it has implemented.

Inter-Wall Leakage Control Systems


01.03.2019 Istanbul, Walled applications enable the establishment of more durable and safe structures compared to single-walled systems, as well as the creation of uninterrupted testing and traceable structures with the developed leakage control systems.

It is our goal to make our success permanent


10.06.2014 Istanbul, Fatih Akın stated that the fact that they are a know-how-based company is the main factor in Tora Petrol's success today; "Making a company a know-how company, creating a brand is not just about taking technical staff and sitting them at the table and giving them tasks. This is an achievement that has been achieved over many years, through the acquisition of a certain culture," he said.

Traditional HSE Week


15.04.2014 Istanbul, Tora Petrol 9. He reviewed the precautions and trainings against accidents that may occur in the fields with the HSE week activities he carried out for many times. Under the leadership of HSE director Anıl Erdinç Tüfekçi, more than 80 personnel took part in the training week.

Call Center Solution Center in Tora


15.12.2012 Istanbul, Tora Petrol's 24/7 free technical support to gas station owners and managers has been positively received by the entire industry. Fuel automation expert Metin Özen gave information on the subject.

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